Saturday, 31 March 2007

More yarn pron!

Aarrgghhhh!!!!! It's happened! I'm hooked! I'm an addict! Look at all the sock yarn I got today!

Feeling guilty about all the socks etc I have been doing, I bought this Lana Grossa colour tweed, to knit socks for my husband.

This is Trekking with bamboo, artfully photographed in a bamboo plant!

Opal Elemente

Soup Dragon in Country Garden

And just to cap it all off I am going to Double Dutch for her Stitch n Bitch knitting group with Fee tomorrow! Is that hooked or is that hooked!
Got lots of yarn today! This lot is to knit baby things, for colleagues of my husband. But when will they be done? Too many socks to knit!

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Finished socks

Second sock was finished last night around midnight. And on the feet around 7 hours later! This is after a day at work, a trip round the supermarket and some time feeding Connie.
Next one is started, in Opal Lollipop. Not enough yet to see the pattern properly, but as I've been told, it's addictive! So it won't be long before there's another one here to see.

Monday, 26 March 2007

A year and a bit on

Connie is about 2 here, and much cleaner, as she had just had a bath. You don't often see her this white, as she lives out all year round, without a rug. So generally she is a brown and black horse. This was just under 10 years ago. So both of them are a bit bigger now!

Baby cuddy

This is Connie the day I got her, straight out of a shed full of sheep s***, so naturally she is covered in it! She is 8 months old here.
Here she is maybe a month older, and just slightly cleaner. I don't think she had been out in the field at her new home by this time.

By Special Request

a Muddy Cuddy

Sunday, 25 March 2007

And finally

Look who was watching us as we took photos! And they have made a huge mass of frog spawn. For the first time I heard real frogs croaking today. I had heard lots of recording, but today was the first real thing.

Thank you Sue

One of my daughter's knitty contacts, who I only know as Sue, sent this lovely purple sock yarn to me. How did she know purple is my favourite colour? Anyway, thank you very much Sue. It will become a pair of lacy socks in the fullness of time. At the present rate in about 3 weeks!

Yarn Pron!!

This is the yarn my sister gave me for my birthday, along with beautiful earrings.

The one on the left is Anne, which of course is highly appropriate. It will be knitted after the Opal Lollipop, but I haven't decided yet what the pattern will be.

No SSS here

Just to prove that I have actually started my second sock. And I was anal and started it about the same place in the yarn as the first one!

Sock Pron!!

Now that I have access to a camera again, I can add pictures of what I have been knitting. I have just been dragged round the garden, knitting in hand, while my daughter took pictures of the the yarn I have been given in the past week.

My husband gave me a kit of bamboo needles with Opal Magic yarn, which is now a sock and a bit.

Monday, 19 March 2007


I was told to document my knitting, as I have been encouraged to start again after many years. My daughter and I helped at Creative Stitches in Glasgow, where I learned a few new techniques, one of which was Mobius knitting. This is the result.

Coming of age

I have been pestered to do this, by my daughter and assorted friends. I thought today, as my birthday, my coming of age according to a friend, was the appropriate time to do it. So here we are!