Sunday, 16 September 2007

Long time again!

Forgot to put this in last time. Sock yarn (surprise surprise!) thatI boughtin Switzerland. And surprisingly, it's purple! It's in a long queue to be used though.

And this is the finished versionof the lace. Much shorter than the pattern, but I wanted a scarf, not a wrap. And I have lots of yarn left to make something else.

I haven't been idle though. Fee's socks are progressing nicely. One is finished, theother is more than a third up the leg. So far I haven't used the same yarn twice, and I suspect that I'll have unused ones at the end.Does this mean I'll have to knit another pair?

And for a bit of excitement. I was coming home from a conference (international, in Glasgow, British Blood Transfusion Society) yesterday. I was waiting to turn out of the road from the station when 2 fire engines went past. They had boards on the side that said they were from Easterhouse (Glasgow) and one was a heavy rescue unit. This of course made me think something was up, as Easterhouse is 20 odd miles away. They were heading in the general direction of home, so I was somewhat concerned. As I drove up the road to my house, I could see a helicopter hovering reasonably nearby. So of course when we could (having visitors) Fee checked the news and Internet, and found that a helicopter had crashed in woods near Lanark. Then it was in Jerviswood. Which is 2 or 3 miles from us as the crow flies, so the helicopter I saw was hovering over the crash site. I was going to the annual dinner of the BBTS last night, so I got updates from Fee on the situation. Apparently the crash was at 4.10, and I saw the fire engines at 4.35, so they must have been really moving along the M8 and A73!