Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Socks, presents, ponies

The second sock from last week, finished in something around 24 hours. Pictured after a day at work.

After the first sock was done, it was admired by Fee. Who shortly afterwards brought me a Simply Knitting magazine and said you can do me these with the leftover yarn. So here they are, hot off the needles! Anal again, to get them to match.

This is what kept me back from my socks for a week. Took a fair bit of time, more than socks do! However it has suffered from being knitted at one point in dim lighting using 2 similar colours. So spot the mistake and tell me if you think it is ok or should I try to do something about it. Unfortunately I didn't notice until after I had grafted the shoulders and done the front and neck bands.

Now to 2 presents my lovely daughter gave me! This one today, just in time to find a pattern for my next lot of yarn. That's tomorrow's decision.

Fee went to Loch Lomond last week with her friend and brought me back this lovely vase. It is perfect for my bedroom, which is in deep red with the rose motif.

Thanks Fee!

An update on a previous post. Connie and Fee tonight. We had just been to Tesco and bought pretzels. After I had given Connie her normal, horse, feed, Fee decided to offer her a pretzel. She nibbled it delicately until some of the other horses came along and disturbed them. This horse eats almost anything except wormer!She loves cream eggs, crisps and now pretzels.

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