Thursday, 3 May 2007

Long time no blog

Finally got the chance to blog again. But I had to kick Fee off the computer. It's a real pain only having 1 internet connection! One of these days I'll get organised with a router.
Anyway, this is my next project since the last blog. It's Schaefer Anne, being knitted in Jaywalker.
It's knitting up nicely, as you can see. But it's on hold for a while.

In the mean time, these are in progress, using the yarn Sue sent me and the pattern Hedera. Once these are done the Jaywalkers will be finished.

And I succumbed again! I'm waiting for a single colour to go with it. Maybe it's at the Post Office now! Or maybe the parcel that couldn't be delivered is a big box of Opal that's coming from Germany! That was a moment of madness. But it sounds like good stuff. I now have enough sock yarn for about 6 months. But can I stop buying?

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April said...

You are a knitting mad-woman! Sock obsessed I dare say!