Saturday, 12 May 2007

Oops I did it again!

What have I done? Oh dear! More sock yarn! With a little help from a friend (Susann in Germany, thank you for doing this), I bought an Opal selection pack and minis. Fee thought these were "soooo cute"!

I really must buy no more yarn for a long time now. I have enough to keep me going for weeks!

Once again my stash has been enhanced by the kindness of one of Fee's knitty contacts. Zanne in Michigan sent me this. Thank you Zanne, it's beautiful.

The socks I did with Sue's yarn are now finished. Fee made the hangers to show them off.

But they look better in their rightful place - on my feet! I have since worn them to work and found them comfortable and warm.

And once they were finished, I got back to the Anne socks. Number 1 of those is done, number 2 yet to be started. But you'll have to wait for the pair to see them properly!


Zanne said...

You are so very welcome! I can't wait to see what it looks like once you knit it up!

Zanne said...

And I almost forgot... What pattern are the socks you made for yourself? Those look Lovely!

Susann said...

Glad I could help with the surprise package. I think you can count yourself lucky with the selection. I heard not everyone always gets nice colours only.

Can't wait to see what you will make from all the yarn!