Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Mermaid socks in Trekking with bamboo. Really comfortable to wear.

Ready to try something different, I bought some silk fibre. This is Tussah silk in Summer Berries.

And natural mulberry silk. The plan is to blend this with the wool fibre from New Lanark Mills that I bought at Creative Stitches in Glasgow. Once the spining wheel is reassembled I'll attempt to spin them then knit something that I hope will be quite special.

Thank you to everyone who expressed such sympathy over Connie. Here she is in her favourite place, a field, last year. She lived out full time, as you can see from the muddy coat. At least then she was able to get down and roll then get back up again.

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Fair isle faerie said...

Fee's just told me ! (been rushed off me tootsies & havent chatted with her for a while)

Ohh god, im so sorry for you all.

Hugs to you all.