Sunday, 1 July 2007


We went to Woolfest! And we just about did it right. As in if you can't close the boot of the car you haven't done it right!
This is an overview of what Fee and I bought. To see her share and more detail go to her blog.

I bought some Regia Silk Color a while ago, but when Fee bought a plain colour to go with it, something went wrong and I ended up with a burgundy instead of a red colour. So I bought this to go with the burgundy.

This is to go with the original ball!

Something subtle to spin!

Some nice pink alpaca to knit with.

And some baby alpaca to spin and knit.

I have lots of natural merino to spin, so this dye kit is to make it a bit different.

I am in the middle of a baby cardigan in pink, white, yellow and orange. I hope these buttons will look good on it.

Got carried away here and bought some laceweight silk. Haven't quite decided what to knit with it.

Dyed merino and silk to spin.

More to spin, this time baby camel and silk.

And more dyed alpaca to spin.

Finally non-Woolfest. This is the tussah silk from previously. Fee skeined it for me. I didn't realise at first it was mine when she gave it to me!

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