Sunday, 14 October 2007

At last!

I've thrown Fee off the computer again to do this. I really must get some sort of networking system here. It's like a guerilla raid trying to get online! Reconnaissance - is she there? Is she nearby? Have I got time to rush in, blog etc and get back out before I'm assaulted from behind? Anyway, here I am.

I haven't been idle since last time. I've done 3 pairs of socks. One of them, for my mother in law, I handed over before I remembered to take photos. But she seemed to like them so I hope they are ok.

The next ones were a bit more of an undertaking. Long socks for big feet! Based on an idea Fee saw online - Monster socks- I gave it a go. It's short sections of the different sock yarns we had between us. If you look carefully you'll see socks that have already appeared here. Here they are modelled at Culloden battlefield the morning after I finished them.

These are done in Opal elements. Soon have no room in my sock drawer!

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