Friday, 21 December 2007

We have the technology!

Finally we got a network! Note the use of the royal we. I was sent for the cable, and I got a network and internet access as if by magic!

I've been doing other things in the (long!) time since I last blogged. Fee and I took her Gran to the Hobbycrafts and Crafts for Scotland exhibition at the SECC in Glasgow in October. Oh what a bad idea! We went round the show saying I like that, I'll have that and came out with much heavier bags and lighter purses.
One of the stands was Spellbound beads, where I bought a few kits! I didn't do too well with the frosted fir tree, but maybe it only needs a bit of a tweak.

I did like the ariel tassel, and it turned out well I thought, so I did another one.

This one, I used the instructions as above, but bought other beads. This was on another expensive day out with Fee, when we braved the first day of a new shop at Glasgow Fort Shopping Park. Hobbycrafts have all kinds of everything! I thought I'd try a different colour, but ended up with a different size as well. This one is a bit bigger.

I also bought a snowflake kit, which worked out quite well too.

I bought things to do patchwork, which are still in the bag waiting for some time to do them.

I bought an embroidery kit to do for my mother-in-law for Christmas. It's finished, but not yet framed. It will appear here when it's framed.

I also bought yarn to do a cardigan for my mother-in-law's birthday. Poor soul has her birthday on Christmas Eve. Fee does not like it, with a vengeance, but if feel really nasty I'll get her to model it for me to take a photo.

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